Where to recycle your Christmas tree this year

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Christmas tree recycling Cobb County, GA 2020

For many people, the day after Christmas is the time to get rid of the tree. For others, the Christmas tree might stay up until New Years Day or afterward. The good news is Cobb County, GA makes it easy to get rid of your Christmas tree with a free recycling service.

The Keep Cobb Beautiful staff accepts old Christmas trees that are free of lights, string, decorations and mesh. (“Flocked” are not accepted due to the adhesive and flame retardant material used.) The team turns the trees into free mulch, which is available to the public and will be used at parks across the county. The 2020 event is January 4 and runs from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

There are multiple recycling locations participating in this year’s “Bring One For The Chipper Event.” You can see the current list of locations here on the Cobb County events page.


Ways to recycle a Christmas treeDetail of an ornament on a Christmas tree

There are a variety of ways to recycle your Christmas tree and put it to good use around your home. You can also turn your old tree into gifts!

Make Christmas tree coasters

Let the tree dry out completely and then cut the trunk of the tree into one-inch wood coasters. Seal each coaster with varnish and you’re ready to go! Homemade coasters make the perfect gift and can be engraved, painted or just left as-is.

Make sachets of pine needles

Put some needles into a paper bag or small cloth bags to freshen closets, dresser drawers and rooms of your home.

Leave the tree in a corner of the yard as a wildlife sanctuary

Winter and spring are challenging times for wildlife to find food and shelter. Your old Christmas tree in the corner of the yard and some birdseed will be welcomed sights to migrating birds come early spring.

Make firewood out of your old Christmas tree

Dry out the tree completely for a few months (this helped prevent an unruly fire) and then cut the bark into pieces for an outdoor fire.


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What are your favorite ways to recycle old Christmas trees? Let us know in the comments below. From all of us at Carl Black Kennesaw, thank you for reading!

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