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Strange Georgia driving laws you did not know about

Whether you are a seasoned driver or a newbie, there are always things to be learning when it comes to being safe behind the wheel of a vehicle. Do you think that you know all of the driving laws in the state of Georgia? While you think you might, we are going to go through a few strange Georgia driving laws you did not know about! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Six driving laws in Georgia that you did not know about

  1. Speed Limit sign of 55 miles per hourYou can get pulled over for going the speed limit

This one had us scratching our heads at first, but it made more sense once we dived a little deeper. If you are going the speed limit in the far-left lane and a faster vehicle approaches you, you have to move over and get out of the way. Even if you were going the speed limit.

  1. You can legally drive without shoes

After a long day at the office wearing those uncomfortable shoes, let your feet be free and drive home without your shoes! Of course, make sure that you store your shoes in a safe place so that they do not slide under the pedals while you are driving.

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  1. You cannot drive with both headphones in

This makes sense. If you have both headphones in, how will you be able to hear sirens, road noises, or other noises your vehicle is making? Just play it safe and listen to the radio.

  1. Members of the Georgia State Assembly cannot be given a speeding ticket while in session

If you are running late for a meeting, maybe see if your State Assemblyman or woman can give you a ride.

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  1. You cannot honk your horn at a fair

This kind of makes us wonder what happened for this law to go into effect.

  1. You cannot text when behind the wheel of your vehicle, even if you are not moving

It is always better to be safe than sorry and keep your attention on the road. Even if you are at a red light and wanting to send a quick text, you need to keep your focus on the task at hand: driving.

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