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2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD vs. 2018 Nissan Titan XD

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  • 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Green 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Starting at


    2018 Nissan Titan XD

    Brown 2018 Nissan Titan XD

    Starting at


    14,000 lbsMax Towing Capacity14,500 lbs
    445Max Horsepower390
    910 lb-ftMax Torque555 lb-ft

    When it comes to heavy-duty pickup trucks, the 2018 GMC Sierra has everything consumers are looking for. It’s a versatile vehicle that can be tailored to the specifications of the car buyer, which is one of the most unique features it has to offer. Customers can easily tailor the Sierra to fit their particular tastes and spec requirements with its many different features and available options. Revamped engines are something that the 2018 GMC Sierra can boast, as well as many new enhancements and changes from the 2017 model, including an amped-up powertrain. Overall, truck lovers were highly impressed with this new model of the GMC Sierra.

    Sadly, the 2018 Nissan Titan failed to please consumers and critics across the board. Especially when held up against the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500. Nissan did attempt to provide truck buyers and critics with what might be considered a double-duty pickup, but overall the Titan misses the mark. Nissan just isn’t providing what other truck manufacturers have accomplished years ago like increased power, capability, and efficiency. The verdict is that the 2018 Nissan Titan simply lacks what the competition has in droves.

    If you see how critics rated the two vehicles, it’s clear where they stand: 4-5 stars for all categories for the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500 HD but only 2.5 stars on average for the 2018 Nissan Titan. Once again, the one major complaint about Nissan was the lack of power in the powertrains and engines. Nissan also has a cramped interior, and the exterior still looks a bit dated as its look has not been refreshed in a couple of years. The fact is the Titan’s overall look and what is hiding under the hood is behind the times, especially compared to the luxurious, powerful, and technologically advanced 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD.

  • Efficiency

    2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    The 2018 GMC Sierra 2500 leads its class in EPA testing numbers and highway cruising. Consumers and critics alike are very excited about the new eAssist package, which used to only be available on the west coast. Now available nationwide, the Sierra functions as a kind of “mild hybrid.” It does this by using an electric motor paired with an electric powertrain. This is something that engineers have been working on for a while, as they know it is necessary for that extra boost in fuel economy. If you upgrade to the SLT trim, the eAssist package is yours.
    Even without these extras, however, the standard V-6 engine combined with rear-wheel-drive is what testers insist gets the Sierra’s EPA ratings up to 24 mpg/highway. This number is 3 points higher than what is typically expected with pickup truck models. Typically, mid-range engines in other models might give you high hp and torque but will be lacking in fuel economy. This is one of the ways that the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD stands out.

    2018 Nissan Titan XD

    This is another area where the 2018 Nissan Titan falls short. Engineers just couldn’t figure out a way to use the diesel engines to get those EPA numbers up. Industry standards have even kept EPA officials from testing the Nissan because it was assumed it wouldn’t do very well numbers-wise. Overall, the Duramax diesel beats out the Cummins V8 diesel, and the 2018 Nissan Titan just can’t stand up to the 2018 GMC Sierra.

  • Engines

    2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    GMC was given a 5-star rating mostly because of its refined and powerful Duramax diesel engine. GMC also took pains to further fine-tune and change the cooling and induction systems and added even sturdier components to the drivetrain. When paired with the Allison 6-speed automatic transmission, it has a high torque production, a whopping 305 lb-ft. Still, that engine can really make some noise! But only the good kind of noise, as noise-reduction is also a perk of the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD model, so the cabin stays nice and quiet. The diesel engine can get up to 445 hp, however, and is yet surprisingly fuel-efficient.

    2018 Nissan Titan XD

    The 2018 Nissan Titan only gets 2.5 stars from critics for its engines. Another low score, even in what is considered one of the most important truck elements to consumers. Disappointed critics and consumers alike, are puzzled as to why the diesel engine can only get up to 310 hp and is yet still able to generate so much noise.

  • Infotainment

    2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    The 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 scored five stars for infotainment. The reason is simple: IntelliLink is a crowd-pleaser, and it comes standard. No need to pay extra to get those necessary tech items. GMC has been hailed as having the most intuitive entertainment technologies, and this in part has to do with its ample features and speedy response times. The 7-inch touchscreen paired with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto pleases even the most tech-savvy consumer. If the 7-inch screen isn’t large enough, customers have the option of upgrading to the 8-inch touchscreen and available navigation and voice command software. GMC’s version of Uconnect scored five stars; most other brands in the competition barely broke 3-star ratings. When it comes to connectivity, the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD offers premium entertainment technology including an available 4G LTE WIFI hotspot on even the base trim level.

    2018 Nissan Titan XD

    As it was only able to score three stars in this area among critics, the 2018 Nissan Titan was once again bested by the competition. NissanConnect is considered both by critics and consumers to be lackluster compared to other infotainment systems, especially GMC’s Uconnect. The largest complaint from consumers is the complete incompatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a touchscreen which is lacking in visibility. NissanConnect’s display menus are considered too difficult to navigate, and the images on the screen can be impossible to discern in direct sunlight. Overall, this is not a suitable vehicle for the tech-savvy driver in the market for a pickup truck.

  • Interior

    2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    To match its luxurious exterior, the inside of the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD is incredibly plush. All interior materials are high-quality and soft to the touch. Even if you choose the base trim level with standard cloth seating, you’ll notice that the upholstery fabric is of the absolute highest quality.
    If you want that extra bit of luxury, however, the Denali trim is the way to go. With an upgrade to the Denali trim you’ll get an all leather interior, as well as the 20-inch chrome wheels that come with the Denali exterior enhancement. Combine these design features, and you’ll be the envy of your neighbors. However, the Denali trim doesn’t just stop at a leather interior; it also comes with advanced convenience features including cabin seating that is both heated and ventilated. It’s no surprise that critics loved driving the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500. With its ergonomic and spacious seating even in the base model scored four stars.
    Compared to competing vehicles, the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD has a ton of extra space both in the cabin and the backseat. The cab configurations available to consumers allow them to configure their vehicle to get as much space for them specifically. If they are tall, they can customize for extra headroom and legroom. The GMC Sierra can be tailored enough to be like a well-fitting suit. It’s really that simple and accommodating.

    2018 Nissan Titan XD

    When it comes to the 2018 Nissan Titan, there really isn’t much to note, except maybe the Zero Gravity seats which are a unique element to the interior and stand out from a lineup that lacks them. There is really more cargo room than interior room, and drivers and passengers often complain that there isn’t enough space to feel comfortable. When it came time to review the spaciousness of the 2018 Nissan Titan, critics gave the truck’s interior three stars.

  • Exterior

    2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    The 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD was made with luxury in mind, and its exterior designs show it. With smooth, sleek lines that hug every curve of the refined truck, it’s hard to believe how beastly this truck really is. For those looking for the ultimate in luxury, the Denali trim for 2018 GMC Sierra seems to be the trim that critics and drivers rave about investing in. It’s just that good! What comes with the enhanced look of the exterior are the following new paint colors: White Frost Tricoat, Red Quartz Tintcoat, and Deep Mahogany Metallic. These shiny, eye-catching shades are even a step up from the very popular 2017 metallic colors Pepperdust, and Dark Slate, although they are of course still available. And a gorgeous exterior wouldn’t be anything unless you get a shiny new grille, that pops off of these accented colors.

    2018 Nissan Titan XD

    The exterior for the 2018 Nissan Titan is nothing to write home about. Because it was not designed for luxury, critics consider the Titan’s look to be more rugged and less luxurious than the 2018 GMC Sierra. If customers are looking for a dated, more boxy look when it comes to the grille the shape and angle, they would want to opt for the Titan. It just seems to be the only vehicle that is still doing this, as more and more customers are leaning towards the sleeker, more rounded looking vehicles.

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