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2018 GMC Canyon

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  • Overview

    2018 GMC Canyon

    Midsize trucks have become more and more popular in recent years due to their car-like driving characteristics and larger cargo capacities compared to sedans and crossover SUVs. For anyone who is wanting the convenience a truck provides but does not want to spend more money on the extra fuel, a midsize truck is a great option to consider. One of the best in this category is the 2018 GMC Canyon. In fact, for many people, such as professionals needing to haul around cargo and equipment, there is no substitute for GMC’s signature midsize truck.

    The 2018 GMC Canyon is the prime manifestation of truck-like capability and car-like convenience/safety features. In many ways, it is a hybrid of two drastically different worlds blended perfectly into a solid, reliable chassis. With a towing capacity ranging from 3,500 to 7,000 pounds, combined with a number of four-, six-, and eight-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, you will find many options to choose from that echo the larger full-size Sierra’s trims and packages. At the same time, you will appreciate the better fuel efficiency of 22 city/30 highway miles per gallon. Combined with a good amount of bed space and luggage room in the rear passenger compartment, the Canyon does a great job of giving you a variety of passenger and cargo room without needing additional accessories and upgrades.

    308 hp

    Max Horsepower

    369 lb-ft

    Max Torque



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  • Interior

    2018 GMC Canyon Interior

    The great thing about the Canyon as a midsize truck is you will receive a better, more comfortable interior than most full-size truck options. Better still, the Canyon comes with a variety of standard and optional upgrades to choose to customize the features you will have in your own truck. There is something for everyone, including budget-minded individuals who only need the base interior features to enjoy their time out on the open road.

    Just like other trucks of its class, the 2018 GMC Canyon has a lot to offer in terms of general features it provides as standard and optional upgrades. Safety wise, this truck comes with the full range of GMC’s passive and active safety features. In addition to the usual amount of front and side airbags around the cabin, there are also several latch points in the rear row for child safety seats. Active safety features include GM’s Teen Driver system, which limits speed and allows parents to monitor the speed and location of the truck, as standard. Forward collision and lane departure warning systems are optional on all of the trims except for the Denali where it comes standard.

    Using GMC’s software, the infotainment system includes standard auxiliary input and USB ports. For additional packages, you can get 4G LTE wi-fi connectivity, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility, and real-time navigation with traffic and weather reports. Voice recognition for hands-free control over many of the infotainment settings and features is also an optional upgrade on most of the trim levels.

  • Storage

    2018 GMC Canyon truck bed

    No discussion of any truck would be complete without focusing on the cargo space it has to offer. For many people, this is one of the most important properties of any truck. If it does not offer more usable cargo space for small and large objects alike, it is not worth your time and attention. Thankfully, the 2018 GMC Canyon will not disappoint. Between a spacious rear bed and larger-than-average interior with rear folding seats, this truck is all about cargo space.

    The 2018 GMC Canyon will give you plenty of options in terms of hauling people and cargo in a variety of conditions. As a midsize truck, the interior is surprisingly roomy, sharing many spacious traits with the full-size GMC Sierra. At the same time, it is much more car-like, using a subtle dashboard and infotainment panel that seems like it’s been ripped out from one of the brand’s sedans.

    Second-row passengers will have some space to enjoy in the back, which brings the total maximum passenger capacity to five people. The full doors in the rear give passengers plenty of space to enter and exit the vehicle, unlike most midsize trucks that stick with a crew cab design.

    In terms of cargo, you will find the rear bed provides plenty of space for most medium-to-large equipment, as well as the occasional run to the grocery store if you choose to use the Canyon as a daily commuter. The rear row can be converted for luggage use, increasing the usable cargo space at the expense of some passenger room.

  • Performance

    2018 GMC Canyon parked in driveway

    Despite its smaller profile, rest assured that the 2018 GMC Canyon is a true workhorse where it matters the most. That means you should expect better performance in terms of horsepower and torque than an SUV of similar size. The Canyon even rivals many full-size trucks while managing to offer better fuel efficiency and handling in challenging driving conditions. In this category, you will discover the Canyon is a great blend of car, SUV, and truck performance overall.

    Since the GMC Canyon is all about work performance under the hood, you should expect to find several engine options that bridge the gap between everyday car-like performance and full-size truck torque and power. The first of the Canyon’s three engine options is a 2.5L in-line four engine meant for better fuel efficiency in the city. This is the type of engine to choose if you want to use the Canyon as a simple commuter and not much else.

    To get the true feel of what the Canyon is like as a work truck, you will need the 3.6L V-6 that comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission for good measure. Despite the greater amount of horsepower and torque the engine provides, GMC has tried to keep the fuel efficiency high using its unique cylinder deactivation technology. This cuts off some of the engine’s cylinders at highway speeds when the powertrain doesn’t require the extra push for acceleration.

    Diesel lovers will also appreciate the 2.8L Duramax four-cylinder turbo diesel option you can choose with some of the trims. This engine sits right in between the higher fuel efficiency of the baseline option and the greater horsepower and torque of the V-6. It is also one of the best options to choose if you want a lot of towing and hauling capacity under the hood.

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