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2019 GMC Terrain

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  • Overview

    Red 2019 GMC Terrain

    Hope comes in all shapes and sizes. You hope to find your inner strength, you hope to discover the world around you, you hope to always be prepared for anything and everything, and most of all you hope to always make your life better. The 2019 GMC Terrain will fulfill all of those hopes with its impressive balance of style, power, and refinement.

    As the smallest option in the GMC SUV lineup, the 2019 GMC Terrain is a compact SUV that offers its own unique advantages. The main difference you will notice when driving a Terrain is how easy the handling is when it comes to navigating tricky turns or attempting to park in crowded areas. The Terrain also gives you’re a sense of comfort and coziness that some larger SUVs will not be able to reproduce . Additionally, the Terrain is still highly efficient in both performance and utility so that you never give them up in choosing this smaller SUV.

    From the exterior to the interior, you will never have to doubt that the 2019 GMC Terrain has your best interest in mind when it comes to style, convenience, performance, and features. That is why when it comes to the 2019 Terrain, we don’t just hope you will love it – we know you will.

    63.3 ft³

    Cargo Space

    252 hp




    Starting at


  • Performance

    2019 GMC Terrain PErformance

    If you believed the 2019 GMC Terrain was all about style and comfort, you have clearly missed the main attraction. The 2019 Terrain not only has the immense power that comes with any GMC vehicle, but as the smallest SUV options, you will also notice how easy it is to handle. Feel as though you are one with the Terrain as you smoothly glide down the streets and nail those turns. While a lot is thanks to its size, you will also have to thank the optional 9-speed transmission that delivers a performance that is unlike any you have experienced before in a car of this class.

    Moving forward to the engine options, the 2019 GMC Terrain offers three authoritative powertrain options that will put the power in your hands.


    • The standard engine you will be offered is a 1.5L turbocharged gas engine which delivers 170 hp and 203 lb-ft of torque. This is paired with an easy to handle 9-speed automatic transmission and can get you up to 1,500 pounds of max towing potential. This is also moderately fuel efficient with 26 mpg city and 30 mpg highway for the front-wheel drive, and 24 city and 28 highway for the all-wheel drive.
    • The advanced engine is a 2.0L turbo gas engine that produces a stunning 252 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. This option is also paired with a 9-speed auto transmission but can haul up to 3,500 pounds when properly equipped. While it is the most powerful, it is least fuel efficient with 22 mpg city and 28 mpg highway for the front-wheel drive, and 21 city and 26 highway for the all-wheel drive.
    • The alternative engine is a 1.6L turbo diesel engine that offers 137 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. Unlike the other two engines, this option is paired with a 6-speed transmission, but it offers the same towing as the standard engine with 1,500 pounds of towing potential. Considering its diesel, this is clearly the most fuel efficient option with 28 mpg city and 39 mpg highway with FWD and 28 city and 38 highway for AWD.


    Staying loyal to its namesake, the 2019 GMC Terrain is also fairly adaptable when it comes to handling tough roads ahead. The 2019 Terrain is offered in both FWD or AWD allow you to determine how often you will need a boost. The cabin comes with an electronic precision shift system that will allow you to easily adjust and switch drive modes with the push of a button or flip of a switch. The 2019 Terrain also offers an impressive traction select system that will also allow you to make driving adjustments to handle the road ahead. The system for the AWD edition comes with four drive models including FWD, AWD, Off-Road, and Tow/Haul mode, while the FWD model features Normal, Tow/Haul, and a useful Snow mode for those harsh winters.

    The 2019 GMC Terrain clearly has a lot to offer in bold looks and luxurious features, but when it comes down to it, a vehicle must also always be ready to show off what it can do on the road.

  • Interior

    2019 GMC Terrain Interior

    As an SUV the 2019 GMC Terrain clearly contains a lot of utility; that is why the interior is all about comfort and convenience. As the smallest of the GMC SUVs you would assume the 2019 Terrain is lacking in space or utility, and you would most definitely be wrong. GMC has always followed a go big or go home motto that never fails to produce vehicles with ample space efficiency. The cabin offers room for up to five passengers with two front seats and a rear bench seat that can fit three, all with ample head and leg room for its class. With the three people in the rear you will be able to fit up to 29.6 ft³ of storage, and without you will get a hearty 63.3 ft³. Folding the seats and loading your cargo has never been easier with a front-to-back flat loading floor that is extremely versatile.

    Utility aside, the interior of the 2019 GMC Terrain also offers many luxury accommodations that are sure to please driver and guest alike. The SkyScape Sunroof reaches all the way to the second row of seating and will give the cabin a fresh and open feel as you admire the stunning view of the sky and reenergize as the warmth of the sun pours in. You can also get premium seating and materials such as sleek and plush leather that will not only look refined, but deliver impressive comfort that is easy on the neck, back, and rear, and will make the daily commute a breeze.

  • Exterior

    2019 GMC Terrain Exterior

    The first thing you will notice about the 2019 GMC Terrain is the boldly refined grille design that has GMC’s signature logo front and center for all to admire. This grille alone is assertive enough to make a strong impression and increase the bold tone of the 2019 Terrain, but this is only where the exterior appeal begins.

    GMC has once again implemented stunning C-shaped tail lamps, and C-shaped HID headlamps with LED lighting that will increase both your style and visibility. Whether you find yourself trapped in a chaotic storm or out in the dead of night, you can drive easy knowing that the 2019 Terrain will always be ready to light the way. Nothing is more important than being able to see the world around you, and the Terrain wants to make sure you are always at your best with a large visible area and reducing blind spots. With the Terrain, you can also get wheels that go up to 19-inches in size and are sure to stand out as another flashy accessory.

    If you are looking for something with a little less flash and a little more class, you can always invest in the 2019 Terrain Black Edition. Those impressive 19-inch wheels now gain a black gloss, along with a darkened grille, black mirror caps, black roof rails, black accents, and black trimming all around. This edition allows you to be refined by day and fierce by night. Clearly black would be the optimal exterior paint option, but if you just like your detailing dark, there are still 4 other exterior color options for this edition.

    The 2019 GMC Terrain understands that every little detail matters so from the wheels up you will find every part of the exterior is designed to work together to show off the overall dynamic nature of this SUV.


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