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2020 Chevy Corvette release date

It’s official! The 2020 Chevy Corvette has been revealed! The 2020 Corvette has been completely redesigned and only one part in the entire vehicle has been carried over from the last generation model. In addition to an all-new look, the Chevy Corvette, for the first time in history, moves its engine to the middle. The new 2020 Chevy Corvette also packs plenty of power under the hood thanks to the 6.2-liter V8 engine paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic. Total output is 495 horsepower with 470 lb-ft of torque at 5150 rpm.

What’s new on the 2020 Chevy Corvette?Cabin of the 2020 Chevy Corvette Stingray

Thanks to its stunning new design, the 2020 Chevy Corvette has better weight distribution, increased responsiveness, the fastest 0-60 time of any entry Corvette, all-new projector headlights, new seats, new eBoost brakes, a new block and vent system and much more.

Not only that, but the Corvette’s steering ratio has improved from 16:25:1 to 15:7:1. Chevy’s 2020 Corvette also expands its drive mode choices from four to six, adds a new 12-inch customizable instrument cluster, wireless charging and two new Bose audio systems.

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The 2020 Chevy Corvette is also available with Performance Data Recorder, which is an advanced driving analysis tool that has been upgraded with a high-resolution camera to record both circuit and point-to-point road courses. The technology also receives a new, in-vehicle user interface and can be set to auto-record like a dashcam when the Corvette is running or to Valet mode.

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