Why Buying a Chevy from a Chevy Dealership is a Smart Decision

Carl Black Kennesaw Chevy Dealership in Georgia
Chevy is a revered American Brand that has been around for over 100 years. It was one of the original brands that helped lead the United States to dominance in the automobile industry in the early twentieth century. Carl Black Kennesaw Chevrolet is proud of this legacy and wants to continue this over century-long tradition of great service as your Chevy Dealership.

Chevy is a Car Company That Never Gives Up

When General Motor bought Chevy in 1918, they were able to create some of the best selling cars in history. The business of making and selling cars has profoundly changed, and Chevy has always been able to keep up. Chevy dealerships understand the importance of building affordable cars that will last for many years to come. The dealerships want to earn your business by educating the consumer about what is best for them rather than using high-pressure sales techniques. This is why today Chevy sells millions of vehicles in 140 countries.

The Best of Chevy

One of the reasons Chevy has been able to survive the roller coaster ride of the automobile market is that they understand the importance of having a wide variety of vehicles that suit the needs of many people. The current lineup features models that bring pride to the Chevy name, they include:

Chevy Equinox – This awesome SUV has sleek, new styling for 2018. The weight has been reduced by ten percent, giving you a lighter vehicle that handles the road well. The interior is spacious and roomy with a state-of-the-art instrument panel. The seats can also be folded flat for easy loading.

Chevy Impala – The Impala is one of Chevy’s flagship sedans. It has been voted one of the 12 best family vehicles by Kelley Bluebook. The car is spacious and offers amazing new tech upgrades like smartphone charging and a WiFi hotspot. Chevy always values safety, so the Impala has features like lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control.

Chevy Volt – Chevy has proved that it can keep up with technological innovations and care about the environment with the Volt. This car is one of the most popular electric cars on the market. The 2018 Volt combines the strong, sturdy look of a Chevy with aerodynamic curves. The roomy interior easily seats five and the car’s functionality is very efficient. The Volt automatically checks the battery charge and has a greater driving range than ever before.

Chevy Traverse – This crossover has been completely redesigned in 2018 and now is styled after Chevy’s full-size SUVs. Now a traction mode selection is standard and will allow the driver to change modes for varying types of road conditions. The Traverse also comes with split folding row and captain chairs that contribute to smart slide features and allow for easy third-row access.

Chevy Silverado – This truck is known for its powerful torque and towing power. It is a reliable workhorse that can haul whatever heavy load you need to carry. It comes with a tailgate-mounted step that gives you easy access to the cab. The interior allows you to do even your dirtiest jobs in comfort.

Chevy Suburban – The Suburban is the perfect vehicle for an active lifestyle. It easily seats 9 and has more than enough room for tons of gear. The suspension system offers a comfortable ride while supporting the latest in WiFi technology. It also comes with the latest safety systems, such as collision alerts and lane keep assist. This is a great SUV for getting to where the fun is and making sure you reach your destination safely.

Chevy Bolt – Another great electric car in the Chevy family. Engineers have designed the Bolt to have great driving range on one charge with a single high capacity electric motor. The car also comes with an impressive touchscreen system and self-sealing tires.

Chevy Corvette – This is an iconic car that has enjoyed 65 years of popularity. The latest generation of this amazing car offers both a coupe and convertible trim package. The driving experience is extremely dynamic, and the body styling is as alluring as ever. The Corvette comes standard with a manual transmission, but a six-speed automatic is still an option for the consumer. This is a sleek, sexy car that always makes a powerful impression.

Chevy Has Definitely Kept Up With The Times

Chevy’s latest selections of vehicles proves that this historical car maker understands modern sensibilities. There is a Chevy to fit every type of lifestyle need which can range from soccer moms to mountain climbers.

The company also cares about the environment and is actively researching technology that will reduce automobile emissions. Chevy plans to have 20 new electric cars on the market by 2023. These cars will be electric and have battery powered, or hydrogen fueled cells. This company realizes that the needs of the consumer are changing and they strive to stay one step ahead of the demand.

Chevy Dealerships Have Been One of The Main Factors Contributing to The Company’s Success

Chevy knows that your the consumer’s experience begins and ends with the dealer. There is a reason why Chevy’s customer base has been loyal for several generations. They know what they can expect the highest quality of service from a Chevy dealership.

The Chevy dealership, in turn, respect their customers greatly. They understand that buying a car can be an intrinsically stressful process and want to make sure their customers feel that they are in a safe environment that they can trust. They know that offering high-quality vehicles at a great value is the best way to ensure repeat business and they make sure the customer’s needs are always met.

A Chevy dealership will never try to pressure the customers to pay more or buy a vehicle that is not right for them. They will patiently educate you on the features of every car until you are satisfied with your purchase in every way. So contact Carl Black Kennesaw Chevrolet today and be a part of great American traditions of fantastic cars and service!