The ultimate test: Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Is synthetic oil better than conventional?

Ah, the age-old question. The debate about what motor oil is best has been ongoing since, what seems to be, the beginning of time. The question remains, “is synthetic oil better than conventional?” Is there really a sure way to tell?

The American Automotive Association, or AAA for short, took up the monumental task in 2017 to find out once and for all which type of oil was best. The results? Well, you might be as surprised as we were.An open bottle of engine oil being poured out

AAA tested multiple brands of conventional and synthetic oil in a variety of industry-standard tests and found that the synthetic oil performed on average 47 percent better. While few vehicles on the market require synthetic oil, AAA found that all vehicles can benefit from making the switch to synthetic.

Is synthetic oil worth the cost?

Automotive maintenance can be expensive, and that’s why many drivers try to cut costs by choosing conventional oil. That said, AAA found that synthetic oil actually performs better than conventional oil. In addition, drivers could save money in the long run because synthetic oil protects engine components better than conventional.

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The experts at AAA also found that synthetic oil was particularly effective in protecting critical engine parts on newer vehicles with turbo-charged engines, vehicles that tow heavy loads and those that drive in extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Best of all, AAA determined that making the change from conventional to synthetic would cost the average drive $64 more a year, which is an extra $5.33 a month.

You can learn more about AAA’s findings about conventional vs. synthetic oil here. Do you have questions about oil changes or the types of products available in our service department? We invite you to contact us! Our award-winning team is here to answer any questions you might have. Contact us today!

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