Here are the best features to have in your used vehicle

Must-have used car features 2019

There are many benefits to buying a used vehicle. Not only do used vehicles often cost less, but you can often buy a model with more high-end features for less than it would have cost new. When it comes to shopping for a used vehicle, the world is really your oyster. At Carl Black Kennesaw you will find nearly 300 pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs, all of which are priced to sell fast. But before you start shopping, we recommend that our customers first identify the features and accessories they want in a used vehicle. Here is our list of the must-have used car features for 2019.

A rearview cameraCD player in a car

This convenient technology is essential. Gone are the days where you couldn’t see past your vehicle’s blind-spot. This handy feature makes it easy to see exactly what is behind your vehicle so you can drive with confidence.

Audio technologies

Whether you are making your morning commute or are doing some Saturday-morning grocery shopping, you have to have great music. There are a variety of auto technologies out there that make it easy to connect your smartphone, iPod or other electronic devices so you can listen to your favorite music directly through your vehicle’s speakers. Bluetooth, USB ports, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are just a few examples.

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Automatic headlights

The last thing you want to have to worry about when driving at night or dusk is forgetting to turn your headlights on. Automatic headlights remember for you and use a sensor in order to know when to activate.

Keyless entry

This is an essential feature! With the push of a button, you can unlock your vehicle’s doors, get into your vehicle and be on your way.

Remote start

Another essential technology to have, especially in the hot Georgia summers. Simply push a button and your car’s engine starts up! You can even have the air conditioning running inside the vehicle so when you walk out to it, you can enter into a cool, comfortable vehicle.

Blind-spot warning

It’s always important to drive defensively. This innovative technology helps you do just that. The vehicle uses sensors to determine when another vehicle is passing and will notify the driver with cues and icons.


What features and technologies are on your must-have list? Let us know in the comments below! From all of us at Carl Black Kennesaw, thank you for reading.

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