Chevrolet Adds New Buckle to Drive Feature to Teen Driver System

young teen driver behind the wheel

Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology Features

Chevrolet has announced the arrival of the industry-first Buckle to Drive feature that will be included in the Teen Driver system, a standard feature in many new Chevrolet vehicles. Buckle to Drive is designed to help remind younger drivers to buckle their seat belts before getting ready to drive. Continue reading below to learn how the Buckle to Drive feature works as well as the other Chevrolet Teen Driver technology features.

Buckle to Drive

When Teen Driver mode is engaged and the Buckle to Drive feature is active drivers are unable to shift their vehicle out of park unless the driver’s seat belt is buckled. If the driver presses the brake pedal to begin shifting into Drive the system will sound an audible alert and display a “Buckle seat belt to shift” message on the driver information center. The Buckle to Drive feature is currently only available through the Teen Driver system and will not be able to activate when in a normal driving mode.

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Teen Driver Speed warning on display screen in Chevy vehicle

Chevrolet Teen Driver Mode

The Chevrolet Teen Driver system was designed to help parents monitor and shape their children’s driving habits. The system offers an in-vehicle report card that provides parents and drivers with a detailed breakdown of their driving performance each time they are behind the wheel. The report tracks distance driven, the maximum speed traveled, any over-speed warnings that were issued, as well as the number of times any safety systems became active. Teen Driver mode is engaged when a registered key fob is used to start the vehicle and the system will automatically mute the radio until both the driver and front passenger have their seat belts buckled. The system allows parents to set a maximum radio volume level, select a speed warning, and choose a maximum speed limit. The Teen Driver system in new 2020 Chevrolet Colorado, Malibu, and Traverse models will also feature the new Buckle to Drive feature.

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